Posh Coat is a cold front of Arctic Monkeys from the north and a few breezy Strokes of musical inspiration from the east that have collided, forcing this three-piece band to put on their coats, turn up their amps and inject some heat into the Victoria music scene. Posh Coat's both driving and laid-back styles create a framework for their stories which capture the the everyday and pinpoint the beauty in the mundane. They bring a freshness to this generation's friction between indifference and fervor. 

After playing for a few years together in Tuesday’s Roadkill, Andrew Whitney (Guitar/Lead Vocals), Tricia True (Bass/Vocals) and Luke Hanna (Drums) have emerged as a tight musical trio that speaks through their grooves, harmonies, lyrics, chord colours and occasional influence of bluesy rock and roll. 

Posh Coat has been recording their debut album with Victoria native, Ben Erikson, and their first single was released on July 7th. This small group packs a punch and brings a venue to life with their live performance.